Skaro Calling is a two day Dr Who: Exterminate! event taking place at Initiative '17  during the weekend of 21st-22nd October 2017 at Enginuity, Telford, Shropshire. 

In the Last Great Time War, the Time Lords deployed many horrific superweapons in their attempts to defeat the Daleks. In the aftermath, all of these weapons were accounted for. Bar one. The Hope of Oblivion.

While not the worst weapon of its kind, the Hope of Oblivion possessed the ability to render the entirety of life in a solar system unto nothingness within moments, by accelerating the timeline of every living thing within the radius of its effect to the point of death. While it was meant to be deployed against  Davros' armada in the first year of the War, it vanished as mysteriously as its target did, swallowed in the jaws of the Nightmare Child. Recently, however, the Hope of Oblivion has reemerged.

A signal has broadcast from a world at war. Earth, 1942.  Now, every major race in the universe sends forces to this tiny blue orb, in the hopes of being able to claim this relic of Gallifrey for themselves...

On the first day, each player will bring along a three card force, the aim will be to break the ice , have fun and play as many games as possible in the space of 4 hours for the glory of your chosen faction, with the winning faction claiming an advantage for the second day.
The second day of the event will see players forces expand to five cards as each faction brings its full force to bear in the search for the Hope of Oblivion! This stage of the event will be run in three open play scenarios throughout the day, with each scenario lasting about 90 minutes. Players can participate in as many stages as they want, with the ultimate goal to achieve the highest score on the day for their faction, claiming the Hope of Oblivion, and the highest individual scoring player winning the Cup of Rassilon for themselves.

How it works:

After each game, the results will be handed in to the organizer, and the Victory Points will be used for two sets of running totals, the first will be the individual player's score, which will consist of the total of all the Victory Points that they have scored over the weekend. The second will be the faction score, which will consist of the total of all the Victory Points that have been scored over the weekend by all players of a particular faction. (Eg; Julian, playing Daleks,  has scored 15 points in his first game and 7 in his second. He therefore has a current score of 22 points as an individual, and has added 22 points to the Daleks' overall faction score.)

Players will be required to bring:
A copy of the Dr Who: Exterminate! rules
Dice (i.e.; the dice from the Dr Who: Exterminate! box)
Under Fire and Fate Tokens
Tape measure 
At least two copies of your army list
A fully painted five card force, using models from Warlord's Dr Who range. Models must be clearly identifiable, with no doubt as to what the model is meant to represent. (Eg; converting Daleks to different poses is fine, using your Daleks to 'count as' the 10th Doctor and companions is not!)

Force building:

Each player must construct a  five card army list, which will be used over the weekend. On Saturday, players may construct a three card force from this list to use over the day, and may choose to change the composition of the three card force from game to game if they so choose, as long as the three cards are all from the five card list. On Sunday, the full five card force will be used in all three games.


All factions and models with rules released by Warlord before 1st October 2017 are legal for use in this event. (As of the 1st July 2017, the current factions with rules are: The Doctor, Daleks, Cybermen, Zygons, Judoon, and the Silence.)
Each force may contain only one (1) Unique card, unless the faction is The Doctor, who may take up to five (5) Unique cards (Only one incarnation of the Doctor may be taken per force.)
Each force may take up to two (2) Agent cards as part of their force. The Agents must be the same species (Eg; you can take two Zygon cards, but not one Zygon card and one Judoon card) Also, Agents have an agenda of their own, and after each game, give an amount of points equal to half the points you scored (rounding down) to their own faction! (Eg; David has two Judoon cards as part of his Cybermen force, and scores 20 points in his first game. This adds 20 points to the Cybermen's faction score, and 10 to the Judoon's faction score.)
Each force may select five (5) Adventure cards as part of it's list, these will be the only Adventure cards that they will be allowed to use for the event. This does not include any Adventure cards taken due to the 'My Stuff' rule, these can be taken as normal.
Missy may be taken by any faction (counting as the one Unique card allowed.)

News and Events

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