Team Yankee is based on events of the landmark 1987 novel written by Harold Coyle about a fictional Soviet invasion of Western Germany and is from the view point of "Team Yankee" commander Captain Sean Bannon. Outnumbered and outgunned, Capt Bannon and his men have to fight hard and fight smart to survive. On the side of the Russians Lieutenant Colonel Yuri Potecknov’s motor rifle battalion is preparing to execute its mission in the scientific manner that he had been taught at the Frunze Military Academy and used in Afghanistan. Victory today will bring the world proletarian revolution that much closer.

It is set predominantly in a time where the Cold War got very hot and where Nato and the Soviet Block are at war because the Soviets have invaded West Germany. "Team Yankee" brings the conflict that simmered throughout the Cold War to life and has been effectively adapted by Battlefront Miniatures into a 15mm World War III tabletop wargame where you command your troops in miniature on a realistic battlefield.The Team Yankee Rulebook is 120 pages long and includes the entire rules, background, complete US and Soviet forces and scenarios from the novel. Although it is similar and draws a lot from Flames of War there are many differences and it certainly isn't the same game. Centred on Tank and air support combat between Soviets and NATO forces Team Yankee realistically represents tank in an alternate progression of the cold war, the war that never was.

How does it play? The game is robust enough for tournament play, but has fewer special rules and exceptions to keep it suitable for casual players (a good example of this is hit allocation, now one page instead of four and easier to understand). And on top it has lots of lovely plastic kits for Tanks and helicopters. Play is very fast. Tactical movement, the speed you fight at, is slightly faster for infantry and slower for tanks. A Dash movement allows for faster movement with the downside being that you can't fight. The game is also faster in that the rules are stream lined, there are cards and reference sheets so there is less time looking in the rulebook. In an effort to stop the need to have to check the rulebook for every special rule, Team Yankee has unit and formation cards that show all the numbers required when playing the game (unit cards have all the stats, points and special rules required for that unit and formation cards have the same, but for the higher level formations).No more working out what the impact of a special rule or battlefield condition is on the vehicle.In Team Yankee and we can see two types of air support, ground attack planes and helicopters. The artillery is broadly fitted into two categories, heavy and support with all the artillery being motorized. For both the NATO and Russian forces there is quite the array of units to choose from.
Soviets There is quite a range of plastic kits to pick up all with their own focused use on the battlefield with a lot of anti-air options for the Soviets and vehicles like the Gopher which is a mobile SAM site. Of course it wouldn’t be the Soviets without some artillery as well to bombard the enemy from afar. As well as the vehicles they have also got some air support on the way in the form of HINDs and the Frogfoot Aviation Company plus the Infantry you’ll be needing to storm buildings and take objectives. United States have a similar variety of options open to them with tanks, transports and more. Following on from the ground vehicles we also have the Cobra Attack Helicopters and Warthog which will shred tanks into slag. Now that is quite a lot of models to consider for both forces. Maybe you will go for both sides in this conflict and flip between them when you get into Team Yankee?Points costs are smaller, with a standard game being around 100 points. Balance seems to come from the Americans having smaller numbers of high tech tanks, with the Russian forces seem to be cheaper but much more capable of fielding a combined arms force.

There is a lot to choose from and now The West Germans and British forces have joined the affray. Everything in modern warfare is deadlier and the 'what if' possibility is both terrifying and great from a wargames perspective. As a setting, Team Yankee has a lot of potential for pulling in new gamers, which is a positive for the Wargaming community as a whole. It is a quality product from a company with a pedigree background and is sure to excite and give lots of fun!



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16th June DR WHO EXTERMINATE! We are holding a special Dr Who day in aid of Alzheimers Society #cupcakeday. We will be transported back to Victorian times to try to stop Davros exterminating our cupcakes. Cosplay and Warlord Games' Dr Who Exterminate! are the order of the day.

23rd June sees us take to the skies for a WW2 Day of aerial combat with BLOOD RED SKIES

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18th October INITIATIVE Bolt Action: TANK WAR,, BLOOD RED SKIES, BEYOND THE GATES OF ANTARES Events to be held at Initiative 18. This is going to be an awesome event put the date Sunday 14th October in your diary this is an event not to be missed!

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The Date and venue for Initiative 18 have been confirmed. This year Initiative is going to be a ONE day event held at Haberdashers' Adams (Adams Grammar School) in Newport, Shropshire read more