STAR WARS X WING from Fantasy Flight

From the prestigious Fantasy Flight Games comes Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game, a tactical ship-to-ship combat game. Players take Read More...


TEAM YANKEE from Battlefront Miniatures

Team Yankee is set predominantly in a time where the Cold War got very hot and where Nato and the Soviet Block are at war because Read more

BOLT ACTION from Warlord Games

Discover history by playing it!You can simulate heroic infantry battles set in the Second World War thanks to this simple and intuitive game system Read more...


Questing Knight Games is an Independent Games Workshop Stockist

Questing Knight Games is a premium stockist of the GamesWorkshop range of products. Our vast and extensive range of stock includes books and figures from the Warhammer 40K & Warhammer Age of Sigmar games systems. White Dwarf, Games Workshop paints and tools, Finecast models and Games Workshop scenics are amongst our jampacked shelves. Furthermore Questing Knight Games is a Games Workshop mail order point whereby you can drop in store and make an order from the Games Workshop mail order range and it will be delivered free of charge to Questing Knight Games a few days later for in store pick up! How convenient is that!

Our friendly and helpful staff have a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise in the Warhammer 40Kand Age of Sigmar games systems and will run exciting introduction and demo games for those new to the hobby. They are also there to help those wanting advice on how to build and develop their armies and they will give counsel to any army commander in the tactics and strategies for when they lead their troops into battle!

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16th June DR WHO EXTERMINATE! We are holding a special Dr Who day in aid of Alzheimers Society #cupcakeday. We will be transported back to Victorian times to try to stop Davros exterminating our cupcakes. Cosplay and Warlord Games' Dr Who Exterminate! are the order of the day.

23rd June sees us take to the skies for a WW2 Day of aerial combat with BLOOD RED SKIES

1st July the force will be with us when we strike against the Empire for a day of STAR WARS LEGIONS

7th July we armour up for a day of  BOLT ACTION TANK WAR

8th July we will be off to BARRAGE WARGAMES SHOW

28th July Gotham City is our destination to revisit BATMAN

18th October INITIATIVE Bolt Action: TANK WAR,, BLOOD RED SKIES, BEYOND THE GATES OF ANTARES Events to be held at Initiative 18. This is going to be an awesome event put the date Sunday 14th October in your diary this is an event not to be missed!

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